Le Triskell de Jade

Tout petit élevage créé par une passionnée de cette race merveilleuse, peu représentée en France =

le Skye Terrier !

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Notre Clyde !

22 avril 2015 = Bienvenue à notre Clyde, skye terrier de son état !


Un petit clin d'oeil

Musique Yannick DAGUERRE (keyboards) et Serge HAOUZI (drums) - composition

Photos Catherine DAGUERRE LACOMBE - Patricia et Laurent VINCENT


It is our pleasure to welcome you on our site Triskell de Jade’ Breeding!

Here we are created a very small- sized breeding, inspired by a passionate one of this fabulous breed : the Skye terrier, unfortunately shown so rarely in France.

Do not be surprise not to see a multitude of puppies in our actual announcements.

Our family breeding doesn’t want to produce a lot of litters in the further, but the puppies will be welcome on Year 2009 certainly!

Our activities are those of a working breeding as membership of the CATE and SCC:

The name of our breeding is dedicated to Jade very especially, the first Skye terrier who made me discovering the breed which I cannot do without!


Dernière mise à jour = 20 novembre 2016